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Julie and Romeo
Middle aged Julie Roseman is single handedly trying to run her florist business since her husband divorced her for a younger woman. All her life, her family has hated the Cacciamani family, rivals in the florist business. When Julie's daughter was in love with Romeo Cacciamani's son, the two families broke them apart. But when Julie meets Romeo at a small business seminar, they find they really like each other. Julie and Romeo start dating, but their ...
Step Ball Change
62 year old dance instructor Caroline McSwain is happily married to Tom, a public defender that she married at the tender age of twenty. Caroline lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she raised four children. One evening Caroline's daughter Kay calls her parents sobbing and distraught. Although Caroline initially thinks Kay has been dumped by her rich boyfriend, Trey Bennett, Kay informs her parents that Trey has proposed to her. Caroline and Tom ...