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Glass Castle
When this autobiography opens, Jeannette Walls is all grown up, a successful writer who lives with her husband in a fancy apartment on Park Avenue in New York City. One night she's in a taxi on her way to a party when, looking out the window, she sights her mother, diving into a garbage can. Walls and her two sisters and a brother had a hard childhood. This book mostly tells the story of their childhood. When the children are very young, the fa...
Half Broke Horses
Lily Casey in the early 1900's as endures hardships on her farm, sexism in her career, raising a family during the depression and yet manages to keep it altogether. Lily Casey Smith was born and raised on a homestead in West Texas in the early 1900's, with her family, raising chickens and hogs, breaking horses, and peacocks. Life was tough, enduring floods and tornados and droughts. Lily's mom came from a well-to-do family and in spite of the dirt floo...
The Glass Castle
Jeannette Walls tells her unforgettable story of growing up in a dysfunctional family with two eccentric, irresponsible, nomadic parents. Rex, the father, is uneducated but brillian, self-taught inventor who could have done well and achieved something had he not been an alcoholic. Rose Mary, the mother, is an artist to whom art comes first, before anything else - including her four children. The children are not being raised, they are raising themselv...