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In the Himilayians, climbers taking refuge in a mountain cave are lethally assaulted. Army Rangers in Bosnia are attacked during a nightly patrol. Ali, a nun, witnesses a strange relationship between villagers in South Africa and neighbors from the "beneath." A vast underground tunnel system is discovered, and a contemporary Earth learns it has violent, distant relatives living in it. After a costly war rages with the "Hadels" nations from the USA to Rus...
The Reckoning
Atria, July 2004, 25.00, 288 pp. ISBN 0743463065 The New York Times assigns Photojournalist Molly Drake to accompany the U.S. Army as they retrieve the bones of a pilot who went missing in Cambodia. However, they find no sign of bones or dog tags until Molly sees through the lens of her $10,000 camera the remains of a mass grave. With the monsoon about to begin, depart, their mission failed. Once again, Molly uses her camera lens to find a c...
Year Zero (Science Fiction)
Archeologist Nathan Lee has been dubbed a "greedy graverobber" by his peers. Blackmailed into working with his father-in-law, Nathan robs graves from Jerusalem to Egypt, watching his father-in-law grow wealthy selling millenium-old artifacts. Led into the Himilayians, the duo, led by a Sherka guide, seek remains of yeti-like neanderthals. The journey falls apart when Nathan tries to protect a "find" from others, and is pushed off a mountain top cliff. Su...
Year Zero (Thriller/Action)
Pocket, Apr 2002, 25.00, 406 pp. ISBN: 9743406117 On Corfu, a wealthy artifact collector Nikos seeking the DNA of Jesus opens up a twenty-century-old artifact. He has unleashed Pandora's box containing an extinction event in the form of an airborne plague, last seen early in the first century. All die who come into contact with this particular disease. Desperate to find a cure to halt the pandemic plague that threatens mankind, a sci...

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