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No Less than Victory
No Less than Victory details the last six months of Second World War on the Western Front. The book starts at the prelude to the Battle of the Bulge and concludes when Berlin falls. This story is told by a few brave men from both sides of the conflict. The details of the battles, preparation and planning is very accurate. The book itself would be a nonfiction if it didn't consist of conversations and dialogs between the various soldiers involved. On ...
Rise to Rebellion
This is an historical fiction of the American Revolution told from the perspectives of a few central characters: Sam and John Adams, Ben Franklin, George Howe. The book details the events from 1770-1776, culminating in the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Shaara brings to life the thoughts and motives of his characters and details the decisions of the British and Americans that led from a minor colonial conflict to the War for Independence. ...