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Strange Cargo
Ace, Aug 2004, 14.95, 496 pp. ISBN: 0441011608 The object from space crashed on the earth causing an Ice Age. Civilization for the most part died under the vast frozen tundra. Much of the orb not under ice belongs to formerly extinct fauna and the return of previously died out dangerous species. Few civilized survival pockets exist. Several folks journey to Nantle, a coastal cathedral city. Assistant lighthouse keeper Hake Jobberly claims ...
The House In The High Wood
Ace, August 2001, 14.95, 336 pp. ISBN 0441008410 A man who lives in the seaport city of Crow's-end has inherited land in the mountain town of Hoole. He knows that he has to go to Hoole as soon as possible so he gets his affairs in order and boards the carriage that will take him to the isolated mountain town. Shel, a passenger in the carriage, is a taciturn revered person who doesn't allow his fellow passenger to draw him into conversation ...