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A Date on Cloud Nine
Lilly Marquette is the recent, still-grieving widow of a millionaire. She reluctantly accompanies her best friend into a sex-toy shop and is surprised to find herself attracted to the handsome hunk behind the counter. A gas explosion then causes her to die. Instead of going to heaven, she finds herself rerouted to a transition station where angels offer her a second chance at life provided she redeems herself by giving away the millions she so loves....
A Greek God at the Ladies Club
Avon, Dec 2003, 5.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0060549270 Three thousand years ago, Zeus' son Darius and Queen Aara make love when her spouse King Edward arrives with an army. With no place to hide, Darius uses his power to turn himself into a statue. Edward sees the nude statue and slices off the marble penis before having his men toss the rest out the window. In the present Hermes visits his brother Darius who remains without a body as ruled by Zeus....