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Lily Beach
This story follows the life of Lily Beach, a young woman coming of age during the 1960s. When Lily discovers sex during college and finds that it is something she really enjoys, she has no boundaries. Lily is an art student who her fellow classmates have come to think of as eccentric, bohemian even. Most of the women she encounters do not take to Lily, but men seem to have an uncanny attraction to her. Lily becomes involved with three men, including her ...
The Age of Desire
The Age of Desire follows the life of writer Edith Wharton, giving the reader an inside view of what her life was like behind her books, and beneath the surface of the high society in which she lived. At forty-five, Edith finds herself in a failing marriage that never held a hint of passion. When she meets intriguing young journalist, Morton Fullerton, Edith discovers sensuality she's never known. This story is told partially from Edith's perspective and...