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Dating Can Be Murder
Kensington, May 2002, 22.00, 272 pp. ISBN 0758200730 She met her husband at a dating service and for thirteen years they were married until he was killed when he unknowingly ate peanuts which he was allergic to. After his death, Samantha found evidence that he was cheating on her and the whole town knew it. He also left her broke so she had to sell the house, her van and one of his classic cars. With the money that was left, she had ...
Dying to Meet You
Dying to Meet You Kensington, May 2003, 22.00, 304 pp. ISBN 0758200749 After her husband's death, Samantha Shaw learns her deceased spouse was a two timing drug-dealing louse, who was planning to leave her and their two sons. Now Samantha is determined to make Heart Mates, her dating service, a success and never depend on a man for anything. She is involved in a relationship with private detective Gabe Pulizzi, but she is trying to do things her...
Ninja Soccer Moms
Kensington, May 2004, 22.00, 304 pp. ISBN: 0758204493 When her husband dies, Samantha Shaw learns that he was cheating on her and everyone in town knew it but her. She decides to change her image so the soccer mom gets breast implants, wears chic clothing, and opens up Heart Mates, a dating service for people desiring to meet their significant other. While she enjoys her business, she also likes working as a private investigator under her lover...