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Perils of the Heart
In 1789, Evangeline Clemens is on board the sailing ship, the Aurora, heading for a new life in Boston. But it's no pleasure voyage, as she is immediately jumped by another passenger, Anne Adams, bent on rebellion. Evangeline wants nothing to do with the plot, but has little choice as Anne says Evangeline's brother's life is in the balance. Anne insists Evangeline must seduce the Captain of the Aurora, Austin Blackwell. Anne is determined to stir up enou...
The Pirate Hunter
Leisure, May 2004 ISBN: 0843952806 In 1813, James Ardmore lives for his quest to destroy buccaneer Black Jack Mallory for slaughtering his family. James knows he will not rest until he personally kills Black Jack, but once that deed is done the obsessed pirate hunter has no reason to live. Because of her father's connection to Black Jack, James abducts Lady Diana though he knows that will ruin her if it comes out. However, instead of blithel...
The Pirate Next Door
Leisure, Oct 2003, 5.99, 342 pp. ISBN: 0843952776 In 1810 London, Lady Alexandra Alastair wonders about life's ironies. Next door in Mayfair lives Grayson Finley and his twelve year old daughter. Grayson vanished years ago, apparently became a pirate, and now returns to England as a Viscount. Adding to her confusion about the handsome hunk is observing some rough seafaring individuals threatening to hang him if he revealed anything to the Admi...