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Shadows of Power
Jennifer Bacia provides a good read by tracing the life of Andrea James, from her humble beginnings in Sydney Australia, to her rise as a political figure. Her past comes back to haunt her & her career could be shattered if her history is revealed - especially by the man she loves. This is a good book you can read in a couple of sits witout having to pay too much attention to it. Bacia spins a good tale, you put down the novel feeling like you've been to...
Whisper from the Gods
Whisper from the Gods will at first have you believe you're reading a Marilyn Monrone/President Kennedy rip off story, but read on & you'll discover that this is not entirely the case. Bacia's story surrounds of Tess Jordan, a Hollywood executive wanting to dispell the myths surrounding the screen goddess Elizabeth Eden. Eden died in mysterious circumstances & the who's who of Hollywood are scared by Tess' tell-all movie. It doesn't stop at the City of ...