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Going Down
Bennington Bloom aka "Benny" finds an advertisement in the NYC Village Voice Newspaper one day that says COED$. And, this is just the beginning of her being a paid Escort. The daughter of divorced parents, nineteen-year-old Benny searches for a place to hang her hat and struggles with unresolved anger she has for her father, with the hope of one day becoming an Actor. Benny's first Escort job is at an agency run by a woman named Holly. Although the...
High Maintenance
Liv struggles to adjust to life as a divorced woman living in NYC. She deals with issues like being alone, missing her life of luxury, trying to find a job, a crazy and married boyfriend, and unsatisfied customers in the real estate business. Although she breaks down and cries in moments, her amazing wit and comedy gets her through everything. She decides that as long as she has NYC, she's never alone....