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Before Midnight
This is a classic retelling of Cinderella with a fun twist! Loupe, a servant to an evil stepmother and her two wicked daughters, hides a dangerous secret. Once a month she turns into a mindless beast, endangering everyone around her. Etienne is heir to the throne and is a gifted naturel born werewolf. Etienne is cursed as well, slowly losing his inner wolf and desperate to find something to bring it back. In a chance encounter Etienne meets Loupe and is ...
One Bite - Blood Prince 2
The story of Snow White is retold with the Prince taking the lead role as a vampire prince who is in need of Irina's (Snow White) help in gaining support of the other creatures in the realm. The classic Snow White story is retold with vampires, trolls and other magical beings that aid Prince Kirill in realizing his love for the beautiful and enigmatic Irina. Kirill is a vampire prince who tires of his stubborn and brutal father refusing to give up the th...