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The Cross-Country Quilters
THE CROSS COUNTRY QUILTERS Simon & Schuster, Apr 2001, 21.00, 400 pp. ISBN: 0743202570 Everyone familiar with the hobby respects the famous quilting retreat at Elm Creak Manor in Waterford, Pennsylvania. Strangers come there to camp and life long friendships have formed such as the accidental meeting of the Cross-Country Quilters who vow to return next year. The group consists of people from a wide variety of lifestyles. Long time att...
The Master Quilter
This is the fifth book by Jennifer Chiaverini about the ladies of Elm Creek Quilts. Sylivia has just married and the ladies of Elm Creek Quilts are making her a wedding quilt. While making the quilt, various stories intertwine. Gwen, Judy and Summer struggle with their careers and the affect they have on their families. Once again Diane is at war with her neighbor. Sarah and Matt engage in a comical bet. Bonnie is dealing with problems with her husba...
The Quilter's Legacy
Sylvia Bergstrom Compson is an elderly widow planning to marry Andrew Cooper, a widower. She's also an avid quilt-maker, and is planning to make one for Andrew and herself. That is until she remembers her mother's old quilts in the attic, and decides to use one of those instead. But when Sylvia goes up to the attic to find the quilts, she discovers them missing! Sylvia is puzzled, until her sister-in-law, Agnes, informs her that Sylvia's sister, Claude, ...
The Runaway Quilt
Jennifer Chiaverini Simon & Schuster, April 2002, 21.00, 256 pp. ISBN 0743222621 Elm Creek Manor, the estate owned by Sylvia Bergstrom Compson, is doing quite well as a quilter's camp and resort. The founding members of the business now see fifty campers per week coming to learn and exchange interests. The business is a success beyond their wildest dreams and Sylvia now has a new lease on life. She makes peace with her remaining in-laws, has...

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The Sugar Camp Quilt
Simon & Schuster, April 2005, 306 pp. ISBN 0743260171 In the years prior to the Civil War in Creek Crossing, Pennsylvania, the Grangers lost their farm to a flood and have taken refuge with Uncle Jacob, a harsh man. Robert and Lorena Granger hope that when Jacob dies, the farm will go to their son Jonathan who is apprenticing to a physician in Baltimore. Teenaged Dorothea is the dutiful niece going so far as to make a quilt for her uncle when ...

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