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Eye of the Labyrinth
Bantam, May 2004, 6.99, 513 pp. ISBN: 0553586696 The world of Ranadon revolves around two suns but when the Age of Shadows descends, only one of the orbs is visible in the sky. The planet undergoes severe climatic changes that destroy life. When a scientist discovers when the Age of Shadows will end, Belagren the High Priestess of the Shadowdancers uses that knowledge to convince Antonov the Lion of Senet that the Goddess spoke through her. ...
Lord of the Shadows
Bantam, June 2004, 6.99, 575 pp. ISBN 0553586704 During the Age of Shadows when one of the suns began a generation long eclipse, the High Priestess of the Shadowdancers uses her knowledge of when the Age of Light will return to gain power. Over the next few decades the Lion of Senet and the High Priestess pursue ruling the world so that everyone worships their religion. The country of Dhevyn is essentially a satellite of Senet with the Lion of...
Tor, May 2004, 24.95, 400 pp. ISBN: 0765309866 In , the Sisterhood of the Blade has methodically thwarted beliefs in the gods and the mythical magical Harshini though some folks quietly believe in the existence of both just not publicly because of dire consequences. The nation has enemies surrounding it because other countries are ruled by others who are faithful to the Gods and believing the Harshini live. Eighteen-year-old R'shiel Tenragen is...
The Lion of Senet
Bantam, Apr 2004, 6.99, 576 pp. ISBN: 0553586688 As the suns never stop shining on Ranadon most people believe the propaganda that the High Priestess of the Church of the Sun, Belagren and her Shadowdancers cult followers have spouted. Belagren claims that the Goddess told her how to banish the Age of Shadows. Now Belagren is the most powerful force in the Kingdom of Senet and probably the planet though the Lion of Senet, the deeply religious A...

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Treason Keep
Tor, Nov 2004, 25.95, 496 pp. ISBN: 0765309874 R'shiel, ruling First Sister of the Blade of Medalon, who along with her half brother Tarja succeeds in their revolt against their obsessed mother, s dying and the kingdom is in trouble from outside invaders seeing an opportunity to take advantage of weakness. Tarja and his small loyalists struggle to stop the Karien invasion. R'shiel's only hope to survive is to somehow find and convince the ...

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