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Out of Avalon
"Out of Avalon", edited by Jennifer Roberson, is a collection of short stories revolving around the mysterious, mist-shrouded Isle of Avalon, and King Arthur. Featuring stories from Marion Zimmer Bradley and Diana L. Paxson, Diana Gabaldon and Samuel Watkins, Judith Tarr, and Jennifer Roberson herself. This is a beautifully written collection, giving new life to time-honored legends, and creating new characters that endear themselves immediately....
Shapechanger's Song - Chronicles of the Cheysuli 1
Alix is a young lady, raised by a cropper who she believes is her father. She is kidnapped along with the heir to the Homana throne by one of the outlawed cheysuli. While held by the cheysuli, a race of shapechangers, Alix learns that she is the daughter of Lindir, who ran away with a cheysuli years ago. That action precipitated a decree by her father, the ruler of Homana, to exterminate the entire race of cheysuli. Alix resists truth, and her attrac...
Sword Dancer
Tiger is a man, born a slave, who is now the greatest of sword masters in the desert south. Del, a beautiful northern woman, has mastered the sword in her own snowy land. They meet by chance at an inn as Del begins her search for her brother, Jamail, who was captured by slavers. Del hires Tiger as a guide and they set off across the deadly Punja desert to find Jamail, whom they discover was last seen in the Southern city of Julah. As they travel they...
Daw, Feb 2002, 24.95, 432 pp. ISBN: 0886779545 Tiger and Del fled Southron when he failed to heed the call of his sword-dancers as required by his oath in order to rescue her. The partners healed on the island of Skandi, but the loss of some of his fingers leaves Tiger handicapped in a duel. When the vision of a dead woman calls him to return to get the true sword probably buried under rock, Tiger knows he must go home though he faces a cer...

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