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Good In Bed
Cannie Shapiro is a 28-year-old journalist struggling to cope with a lesbian mother, a cold, uncaring father, an ex-boyfriend who uses a his column in a woman's magazine to humiliate her, an unplanned pregnancy, a possible career change, annoying co-workers, new and old friends, a strange little god, a new man, and the trial of being an overweight woman in 2001 America....
Goodnight Nobody
Kate Klein Borowitz, homemaker and mother of three kids (Sophie and twins Sam & Jack) is living in Upchurch, a small town in the suburbs of Connecticut. Kate's husband, Ben Borowitz, is a workaholic who owns his own political consulting firm. As a former journalist/writer who lived and worked in Manhattan, Kate is now a full-time mother dealing with playdates, the supermommmies of suburbia and the post pregnancy pounds that just seem to linger around he...
In Her Shoes
Rose Feller is the older sister who is a successful attorney and constantly bailing her younger sister out of trouble. Things look to be finally going her way, she has a great boyfriend and good shoes and work is going well. Maggie is the younger sister who is the one who has always been told that she is beautiful but stupid. She has a severe learning disability which she also uses as a crutch to keep from having to act as an adult. Rose yet ag...
Little Earthquakes
Atria, Sep 2004, 26.00, 432 pp. ISBN: 0743470095 Lia thought she had it all with Sam, but tragedy has sent her fleeing Hollywood and him. Popular Chef Becky loves her husband Andrew, but detests her interfering nasty mother-in-law. Kelly works hard so that she and her spouse can live a better life than she did as a kid, but her husband Steve lost his job and seems not to care about anything even her. Reporter Ayinde is married to a basketball ...

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