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Amanda's Wedding
Warner, 23.95, Feb 2001, 275 pp. ISBN: 0446526479 In Woking, England, Melanie, Fran and Amanda walked to school together for years. Amanda cleverly using Mel and Fran by playing each one against the other like a Machiavellian puppeteer. The trio wished to one day be rich and famous, starring as a celeb of “Celebrity Squares”. However, after completing secondary school, the three girls go their separate ways even though Mel went to the same...
Talking To Addison
Warner, Jan 2002, 23.95, 309 pp. ISBN: 0446526614 In spite of being close to thirty, florist Holly Livingstone feels quite awkward when it comes to relationships especially with roommates. Unable to deal with her current houseshare partners any longer, Holly leaves to move in with an old college crony Josh, who simply feels sorry for her plight. Josh's roommates in their dilapidated home include another former college peer Kate and an invis...
The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris
The loveliest chocolate shop in Paris is a story about thirty year old Anna, who works in a chocolate factory and suffers a freak injury. She ends up in a hospital with a few toes removed, and reunites with an old English teacher, Claire. Claire begins teaching her French again and together, they have many lovely moments. Anna returns home, living with her parents after a recent breakup and unemployed. She is quite desperate, but Claire finds an opportun...
Working Wonders
Arthur Pendleton is a dull town planner in Coventry. Then, he learns from the seemingly magical company psychologist, Lynn, that he is a descendant of King Arthur and that like his ancestor, he has a quest. After his boss is fired, Arthur must lead the town planners to win the European City of Culture contest for Coventry. His co-workers are an odd assortment including a computer geek named Sven and his dog, Sandwiches. Also, helping him is a beau...

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