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Charlie Bone and The Blue Boa
When Charlie Bone returns to Bloor's Academy for third term, he expects everything to be back to normal. But normal could never describe Charlie's situation. Uncle Paton has disappeared and Charlie suspects that his Yewbeam aunts and Grandma Bone have something to do with it. Billy Raven is still acting as a spy for the Bloors and reports everything that he says and does. Plus, there is a new endowed girl, Belle, who is strangely staying with his aunts. ...
Charlie Bone and The Time Twister
When Henry Yewbeam is sent forward in time by his evil cousin, Zeke, his great-great-nephew, Charlie Bone, tries to help him escape from Bloor's Academy. Charlie also has to try to prevent his evil Grandma and aunts from killing his uncle Paton, and from destroying the balance between good and evil at Bloor's. To do so, he needs help from his friends at school, endowed and non-endowed, and from friends he's made in the city. He uses his ability to lis...
Midnight for Charlie Bone
Charlie Bone's life is normal until one day when his mother comes home with a photo that he had enlarged at Kwik Foto. The only thing is that it isn't his photo. Instead of his photo of his friend's dog which he was going to use as a birthday card, he finds a photo of a man, a woman, a baby and a cat. Worst of all, he can hear their voices talking. The man is persuading the woman to take the baby, but the woman is refusing. Charlie tells his Grandma Bone...
The Blue Boa
The main character, Charlie Bone, discovers that he has a special talent at the age of eleven and that he is part of a family which also have magical talents, which are referred to as 'endowments'. Charlie has to attend a special accademy that caters for endowed children, but the majority of the children there are not endowed, only extrememly talented in either art, music or drama. This makes the book more interesting and attainable as not all the char...

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