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On Earth, in the 1970's, a small band of CIA-hired mercenaries are faced with certain death. Unless they accept the deal offered to them by the Shalnakis, who will rescue them in exchange for their cooperation in growing a certain plant on a distant planet that they will colonize. Capt. Rick Galloway must accept, in order to save his men. But once they arrive on Tran, he must face the mutiny of his men, and make contact with the natives, humans from d...
King David's Spaceship
King David's Spaceship is set in Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium science fiction universe. Prince Samuel's World was isolated and regressed technologically to about 19th century levels by the collapse of the human First Empire following the Secession Wars. Colonel Nathan MacKinnie, in defense of the Republic of Orleans, has repeatedly defeated the forces of the much larger kingdom of Haven, that is until the planet is rediscovered by the Second Empire. T...
The Mercenary
The main character is a mercenary, and so he fights. Theres no clear right or wrong side, and nobody is really fighting for anything in particular, so you find yourself not even caring who wins or looses. The female lead is named "Glenda Ruth Horton", so i feel sorry for her. I think the book was written more to make a political statement about internationalism then an interesting story, frankly. ...
West of Honor
West of Honor is set in Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium science fiction universe, in which the United States and the Soviet Union form an alliance, using the military to maintain the status quo and retain their power. It introduces military officer (later mercenary captain) John Christian Falkenberg, who is featured in several more novels. Captain Falkenberg is sent to the underdeveloped planet Ararat with whatever forces and officers he can scrounge tog...

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