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Lord Stanhope's Proposal
Tristan, the Earl of Stanhope, is a man's man, a top notch sportsman and extremely successful with the ladies, in consideration of these attributes he has been given the nickname "The nonesuch". Calista Ashton, is the granddaughter of a duke and sister to a country vicar, she is also considered firmly on the shelf at twenty four. Calista is known for being a dowd and an opinionated scholar. Their two fates collide due to Tristan's dandified cousi...
Much Obliged
Addie Winstead grew up with Fitzwilliam, Earl of Claremont, knowing that he would one day be her husband. Their fathers had made an agreement when they were both children that they would eventually wed. Fitzwilliam, however, has never been inclined to settle down and do his duty. He is a rake with no intentions of settling down anytime soon. He has no real feelings for Addie, and he sees her only as a proper young lady that he grew up with. Addie loves ...
The Accidental Duchess
Pocket, Jan 2004, 6.99 ISBN: 0743463862 During the Napoleonic Wars, Gwen marries Lord Milburn the person she has been betrothed to since her birth. After the ceremony, she asks him what name she should use and he replies Harry. She is shocked to learn she married Lord Cambourne, Milburn's brother. Gwen wants to know why Harry agreed to this ploy, but his response leaves her in further doubt as he tells her to talk to her bossy mother. When ...