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An Irresistible Bachelor
Callie Burke is struggling to survive financially and professionally as an Art Conservationist. When she's offered a very lucrative job restoring a painting for wealthy business man Jack Walker, she isn't sure she wants to do it. Jack represents everything Callie has sworn to avoid in life, and her fear of an emotional commitment only complicates matters when she realizes she's immediately attracted to Jack. Still, she takes the job and moves into Jack's...
An Unforgettable Lady
A string of attacks against the city's most prominent women leaves Grace Hall vulnerable, so the refined beauty reluctantly hires a bodyguard. Now she finds herself subject to the ironclad will of her new protector. In spite of her frustration, Grace is drawn to John Smith in ways she can't explain. For beneath his tough exterior and dark past, there's an innor core that is tantalizingly seductive. John knows that when you're a professional bodyguard...
Heart of Gold
Ivy, May 2003, 6.99 ISBN: 0804119899 Colonial Era archeologist and historian, Carter Wessex agrees to accept a grant to dig on Farrell Mountain if she obtains the approval of corporate raider Nick Farrell. She is very excited about trying to solve the Revolutionary War mystery of what happened in 1775 to the Winship party and the gold they carried until she meets Nick. He is nasty and tosses her off his property. When Nick connects the name t...
Leaping Hearts
Ivy, Aug 2002, 6.99 ISBN: 0804119880 At a Virginia horse auction, A.J. Sutherland buys four-year-old thoroughbred Sabbath for thirty thousand dollars though the steed has a nasty reputation and her stepbrother, the family finance expert Peter Conrad, objected. Following her instincts, A.J. pays with her own personal money. When she returns to Sutherland Stables, Peter informs her that he sold the horse. An upset A.J. blithely says he cannot se...

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Unforgettable Lady
Ivy, Mar 2004, 6.99 ISBN: 0345458958 The past year has been the hardest year of Grace Hall's life. The year began with promise as she married a Count just like her beloved father wanted her to wed, but went down hill since. Her father suddenly passed away and she is divorcing her spouse. She is also being challenged as the CEO of her father's legacy, the Hall Foundation by the board and her dad's right hand man who felt he earned the head posi...

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