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Journey into Love
A young woman wakes up, bruised and battered, in a hostile environment where she cannot remember her name or anything about her past life, and cannot understand her husband's hate towards her, until the pieces begin to fall together and reveal what really happened. This was one of the more sexist and offensive Harlequin novels of the "vintage style" that I've read,and they're all pretty misogynistic. The story centers around Sally, a pretty young woman w...
Promise to Possess
A pair of strong-willed engineers in the Texas oil fields butt heads in their battle for authority, and begin to fall in love despite their competitive streak and the fact that he has a reputation for being a womanizer. A story that starts off surprisingly feminist and then takes the dark turn into Harlequin's...well, typical romance. This novel is set in Dallas, and Toni is a petroleum engineer at a big Texas oil company. A graduate of Texas A&M, realis...