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Shamrock Green
St. Martin's, Aug 2003, 26.95, 480 pp. ISBN: 0312317700 During World War I in Ireland, Sylvie and Gowry McCulloch know their marriage is not the best, but both cherish their beloved daughter, Maeve, though not each other. Gunrunner Francis Hagarty comes to town and excites Sylvie with his passion. Gowry discovers a cache of guns hidden in the shamrock, but is not sure what to do about it. Even worse his wife is having an affair with the smuggl...
Sisters Three
St. Martin's, Dec 2002, 26.95, 448 pp. ISBN: 0312305230 Europe seems on the verge of another major war less than two decades since the “war to end all wars” closed its last trench. In Glasgow, gas masks are more precious than masquerade masks are as the four Conway females understand. The mother Lizzie is a Scottish steal magnolia while her three daughters contain as much metal in their blood, but also have different aspirations. Married to we...
The Piper's Tune
St. Martin's, Apr 2002, 26.95, 486 pp. ISBN: 0312288700 Perhaps it is simply because of his age or more complexly the end of Pax Britannia, but Scottish family patriarch Owen Franklin retires from heading up the family shipbuilding business. While the European superpowers begin an arms race heading towards the Great War, Owen distributes shares of stock to his male descendent and to their shock his granddaughter Lindsay. Her “partners...