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Grey Eagle's Bride
This concludes Wulf's Bride Trilogy. After losing the only family she has, Diana Murdoch is at the mercy of local corrupt military men until Gray Eagle Beaudine swoops in and carries her off to be his one and only Cloud Woman that he's seen so often in his visions. Once reaching his village, Diana realizes that this mysterious man has freed her body but completely captured her heart....
Hunter's Bride
Before her mother's death, Sarah made a promise to marry her childhood friend, Adam. Now an Army officer stationed at Fort St. Charles, he waits for his fiance to join him. But when Sarah does arrive, her disagreements with Adam has just begun. Defying her fiance, she goes for a ride alone when her mare gets spooked by a wolf and a half nude man. Orion Beaudine walks into Sarah's life and makes her feel like she has never felt before. Stealing passiona...