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The Road from Coorain
Author, Jill Ker Conway's narrative is candidly written about her childhood in New South Wales, Australia. She had lived on an isolated sheep farm in the grasslands and had never saw or meet another female child until the age of seven. An eight year drought took its' toll on the family farm but perseverance availed. Education in their household was a hobby unbeknownst to Jill. She felt very secure and loved by both parents in the lonely outback and wo...
True North
Jill Ker Conway earns PH.D from Harvard in History in the '50's and is unable to get a job because of her sex, She marries a Professor 18 years older and they move to the University of Toronto where he heads a new college. Jill is offered a position as Vice Chancellor of the University; she stays there long enough to institute changes for women there. Then she accepts a position as president of Smith College to implement changes in women's education....