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Falling for You
At a party one evening, Maddy Hardy meets a great guy whose name she does not catch. Without her contact lens in, she does not see what he looks like either. But he invites her to come to his office to show him what her catering business can offer for lunch. When she does, Maddy finds out that the great guy is Kerr MacKinnon. The situation is like Romeo and Juliet. If Maddy's family were Capulets, then the MacKinnons would be Montagues. The families...
The One You Really Want
The story involves three women .Carmen has been a widow for three years and finds herself noticing men again. Her brother -in-law Rennie, a rock star like his dead brother, comes to stay with her. Her first relationship is with Joe, a plumber who hopes to persuade her to part with some of her fortune. Luckily Rennie warns her and she ends up feeling betrayed. So when she falls for Nick who works with her in a shelter for the homeless, she does not let...