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Death in the Family
Ballantine, Jan 2003, 22.95, 320 pp. ISBN 0345458486 Detective Chief Inspector Judy Hill and her lover DCI “appalling first name” Lloyd had to cancel their wedding because their baby came four weeks early. Charlotte Frances is an adorable cherub and her father is totally besotted with her while Judy is constantly worrying whether she should go back to work or be a stay at home mom. While pondering her dilemma, an au pair girl cries out that her...
Scene Of Crime
Ballantine, Apr 2001, 22.95, 240 pp. ISBN: 0345443136 In Malworth, a local theater group decides to do a production of Cinderella. At the tryouts is eight-month pregnant Detective Chief Inspector Judy Hill who wants the title role. Accompanying her is her professional and personal partner Lloyd. At the same theater is Dr. Carl Bignall, who learns there that someone murdered his wife during an apparent robbery turned ugly. The police...
Unlucky For Some
Ballantine, Feb 2004, 22.95, 320 pp. ISBN 0345476557 Married couple Judy Hill and Lloyd cope with a terrible two's daughter, having Judy's mother live with them and wondering if they can handle the responsibility of a cat. While they cope with their personal life, they work doubly hard trying to bring down a serial killer. His first victim, Wilma Fenton, won a tidy sum at the bingo parlor. Employee Stephen Holiday delivers her winnings and wal...