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Back In The Bedroom
Tessa Delacantro works as a temp in Eddie Ledger's agency, and she's agreed to watch his posh house while he's away for the weekend. When she walks in on a robbery in progress, she is man-handled and thrown into a small room containg a small cot and a large sexy stranger wearing nothing but black knit boxers. The man is Reilly Ledger, Eddie's son, who managed to take out three of the robbers before he was knocked over the head and thrown into the serva...
Blue Flame
Onyx, Dec 2004, 6.99 ISBN: 0451411684 San Diego County firefighter Jake Rawlins knows he and a teenager are trapped on the mansion's roof with a fire all around them. Jake rescues Billy, but he crushes his shoulder and has a concussion while Billy and his mom sue the county, the department, and Jake for excessive force. With reporters bugging him while on sick leave, Jake goes to the Blue Flame guest ranch in Nowhere, Arizona which he in inheri...
The Bachelor's Bed
Lani Mills is in love with her employer Colin West for almost a year already. She cleans his house once a week and she always anticipate seeing him in those days. However almost a year has passed and Colin seems to be oblivious to her. One day Colin surprises her by asking her if she can pose as his pretend fiancée for 2 days just to get his mother off his back. Colin is working in a very important project and his mom's persistence to marry him off ...
The Street Where She Lives
Harlequin, Oct 2003, 5.99, 296 pp. ISBN: 0373835787 In the Amazon, globetrotting photojournalist Ben Asher helps bring down murdering con artist Asada although the prisoner vows vengeance. However, he returns to reality when his twelve years old daughter Emmie calls pleading with him to come to South Village, California as her mother Rachel Wallers was severely injured in a car accident. He would have said no, but he learns that Asada escaped. ...

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White Heat
Onyx, Jun 2004, 6.99, 336 pp. ISBN: 0451411420 In San Diego, wild land firefighter Griffin Moore still feels guilt and remorse over watching twelve people including his best friend die in an inferno in which he blames himself for not getting everyone out; he has not worked a fire since. His brother informs Griffin that he has found him work in Mexico to keep a runaway fire from destroying a small poor village. Pilot Lyndie Anderson flies Grif...

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