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A Stirring of Shadows
The beginning of the millennium brings new horrors for the Earth. Students are disappearing from New York University, and the Golden Sunset, a centuries-old cult, is suspected. Their leader, the mad sorcerer Lorduke, has returned from the dead, and is plotting to unleash an ancient evil upon the world. The only ones that can stop him are the Shadowers, paranormal heroes from a realm that lies somewhere between Heaven and Earth. But even they cannot be ...
The Horror of Lighthouse Hill
Melody McClean, champion monster fighter from the realm known as the Shadowverse, is sent to Charles Gosgrove's Inn at Lighthouse Hill, NY, to investigate a ghost sighting and a bizarre death. Her friends Stu and Phil have already disappeared en route to the Lighthouse. Melody and her friend Jason soon learn that there are sinister forces at work at the Lighthouse trying to prevent them from learning its secrets. Along the way, Melody befriends Cos...