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Being Dead
The last moments of life for Joseph and Celice were brutal and violent, bludgeoned by an unknown assailant armed with a large chunk of granite. They had just finished making love on the beach not far from where they had courted nearly thirty years before as young and energetic zoology students. Their bodies will lay undiscovered for many days slowly decomposing, changing in shape, texture, and color, all the while falling prey to small scavengers and b...
A view of Jesus's life....
Signals Of Distress
The Gift of Stones
A young boy is shot with an arrow and loses an arm. He grows up to be a story teller for the village of stone cutters where he lives at the twilight of the Stone Age. He roams away from the village and meets a prostitute called Doe who lives with her young daughter and dog on a Heath. He falls in love with Doe and eventually brings her back to his village after a mob destroys her house whilst killing a flock of geese which lived on the Heath. But Doe ...

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