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In FARMER, a novel published in 1975, Jim Harrison writes about Nature, origins and the heart of America. Joey is a farmer, an american of the second generation, and the year is 1956. He lives in the northern part of the Michigan state and is one of the teachers of the local school. His sisters have left the country years ago, abandoning him and their mother. His main interests : to hunt and to fish. During a 6 months period, Joey is going to have ...
The Shape of the Journey
This is the collected poetic works of Jim Harrison. Many of the poems are told from Harrison's viewpoint, chronicling his life to present. This includes his blinding in one eye as a child, which transformed him. Harrison splits his time between the beloved Michigan woods of his childhood and his winter retreat in Arizona which inform and infuse his poetry and prose-poems. Lots of food throughout. He has never met a meal he doesn't like -- he's game for a...