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Deadly Pedigree
Nick Herald, a professional genealogist working in New Orleans, is hired to search for Louisiana relatives of an elderly man, a Holocaust survivor. After finding the old man murdered, Nick realizes that this is no ordinary case of innocent genealogical curiosity. He uncovers a tangled tale of betrayal, bigotry, lust, and shame spanning two centuries of Louisiana's history, back to the Civil War and slavery days and beyond. Nick stumbles upon murderous my...
Jackpot Blood: A Nick Herald Genealogical Mystery
A small, struggling Louisiana Indian tribe receives federal recognition, but tribal unity unravels when someone--or something--begins murdering tribe members. Is the planned casino a factor? Nick Herald, genealogical sleuth, is hired by the tribe to help establish guidelines for enrollment. He lands in the middle of a free-for-all involving other Louisiana tribes, crooked politicians, a powerful local family, gambling syndicates, and drug runners. Finall...
Lineages and Lies
Murder has a family tree . . . especially in New Orleans! Nick Herald, professional genealogist and amateur sleuth, delves into the murder of a fellow genealogist, a curmudgeonly old friend with many enemies and perhaps too much knowledge. Who killed Woodrow Bluemantle in his posh French Quarter hotel room? Someone is willing to risk everything to hide damaging facts—the killer strikes again and again! What is the mystery at the heart of the lineage...