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Clutching at Straws
Lefty Wright loves his work, and Lefty knows a piece of cake when it's offered. Fifteen grand in cool cash to get into a safe that he could crack with both arms tied behind his back. The house is empty, the wall safe is in an upstairs bedroom, and as Lefty slips in through a kitchen window he figures to be out again in less than twenty minutes. Instead, fifteen minutes later, Lefty finds himself face down on the bedroom floor, his arms handcuffed behind ...
Counting To Infinity
Dunne, Sept 2004, 22.95, 240 pp. ISBN 03123260505 San Francisco private investigator Jake Diamond is forcibly persuaded to meet Max Lansdale for a job he can't refuse. Max wants Jake to find Harry Chandler who was reported dead in a shoot-out. Max says that a private investigator reported to him that he ran into Harry. The reason Jake is chosen for the job is that his mentor and associate Jimmy Pigeon reported that Harrison died. Max believes...