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All I Ever Needed
Lady Sophia Colley is a woman who is misused by family, forced to work as a governess for her cousin's children. When the family coffers begin to get low, they decide that Sophia must marry a wealthy man in order to secure the family finaces. Sophia does not wish to marry because she fears any husband she picks will be killed by her nefarious uncle, the man she believes actually killed her father to secure his position as the Earl of Tremont. When...
Beyond a Wicked Kiss
Evan Marchman is the bastard son of the Duke of Westphal, only it is revealed that his mother and father were actually married and he is declared the new Duke of Westphal. Evan is a part of the Compass Club, and set of schoolmates turned government investigators. Simply known as West to everyone, he discovers that he has become guardian to Ria Ashby, a woman who he had once saved from drowning when they were young children. Ria has decided t...
Everything I Ever Wanted
Zebra, Mar 2003, 6.50 ISBN: 0821768670 In 1818 at a Drury Lane theater, the four members of the “Compass Club” interrupt the performance on the stage. Actress India Parr takes exception and rips into the aristocratic quartet. Matthew “South” Forrester apologizes for the group. Afterward, he visits India and coaxes her into punching him in the face to allegedly win a bet from his three buddies. Actually South and his cohorts had a purpose fo...
Let Me Be the One
In the first book of the Compass Club series, we meet Brendan David Hampton, Earl of Northam (North), and the mysterious Elizabeth Penrose. They meet at a house party where they both have hidden agendas. North has been sent to investigate the Gentleman Thief who has been plaguing the ton, while Elizabeth is blackmailed into attending (among other things). A situation arises that requires them to marry immediately. Once they marry, they slowly disco...

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