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Mori is a young girl growing up in Wales in the late seventies and early eighties. She writes in her diary, describing her life and the books that she reads. At the start of the book it is 1979 and Mori has just moved away from her mother after a tragic event. He twin sister was killed and Mori was injured while fighting a magic spell orchestrated by their mother, who practices dark magic. The spell involved fairies that live in the fields near her ho...
The King's Name
THE KING'S NAME Tor, Dec 2001, 25.95, 368 pp. ISBN: 031287653X Though a war hero and perhaps the key to King Urdo's victory over the rival kingdoms and the Jarnish invaders, Sulien ap Gwien only wants to leave behind as memories her soldiering days and just peacefully manage her land. However, Urdo's dream of equal justice under the law for all worries some of the leaders of Tir Tanagari that the King is establishing a dictatorship. Sulien l...
The Prize in the Game
Tor, Dec 2002, 25.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 0765302632 Teenage Princes Conal, Darag, and Ferdia, and Princesses Emer and her sister Elenn are in training together. However, during a competition, a war-horse dies in a tragic accident. The careless incident angers Rhiannon, the Goddess of Horses and other Beasts. She curses the kingdoms of the island of Tir Isarnagiri. Though expected to marry Darag, Emer falls in love with Conal. He shares her deep...