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Died on a Rainy Sunday
Jane Drummond has just moved into a new home in a small village with her husband and two children, when she gets offered a temporary job at her old workplace in London. Taking the job means she will need to employ a local woman to look after the children. Their gardener's wife is hired. But the gardener is her brother-in-law who is out for revenge after being blamed for the deaths of several people in a building collapse which was actually his bothers f...
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase
Soon after orphan Sylvia comes to live with her wealthy relatives, her aunt and uncle leave on an extended trip, leaving Sylvia and her spirited cousin Bonnie in the care of their governess, Miss Slighcarp. Bonnie's parents are reported dead in a shipwreck, and Miss Slighcarp turns on her young charges, firing the household staff and sending the cousins away to an orphanage. Together, Bonnie and Sylvia must escape and try to reclaim their home....