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Tor, Dec 2002, 14.95, 352 pp. ISBN: 0765303418 Though an orphan street punk, Cat used his psionic abilities to save the galaxy from a peer (see PSION), but his reputation formed that has traveled light years to earth. When someone tries to kill Lady taMing, head of the wealthy and powerful family that runs Centaur Transport, her supporters abduct Cat to provide psionic protection to her. His kidnappers drug Cat, so that the half-breed cannot u...
Cat is a half-alien street kid and petty criminal who experiences racism. He does not remember his family, and he does not know of his alien heritage, or why it is that people discriminate against him. He is found by law enforcement and detained to be used in slave labor. However, because of his alien heritage, he gets an opportunity to instead volunteer himself at a center for psionic research. Although he doesn't think he has psionic powers, he agrees....
Tangled Up in Blue
Ving tells us a gripping story of corruption, murder and intrigue that threatens a interstellar civilization! Hegemonic cop, Nyx Laistree and his partners are vigilante cops who destroy property of criminals who are above the law but one of their raidsgo wrong and they are all killed except for Tree who loses his memory in the attack. He is suspended from the force and must try to figure out what happen that night.Tree only allies are by-the book sergean...
The Snow Queen
Arienrohd, the queen, has herself cloned in a plot to avoid her own ritual sacrifice at the end of her reign. Circumstance and her daughter's unique abilities cause her plots to veer into unexpected directions, and the betrayals of herself and others complicate matters further, as she also tries to keep the government of the greater galaxy from denying her world sophisticated technology....

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The Summer Queen
Tor, May 2003, 17.95, 671 pp. ISBN: 0765304465 The Winter clan's century and a half reign over Tiamat is ended and now its Summer's time to rule with Moon as the leader. Moon, vowing a different economic path through technology, has ended the harvesting of the Mers whose blood was the cash crop sellable commodity, providing off world longevity to clients. The Hegemony also has left the planet. Moon's former lover, Gundhalinu, attempts to sav...

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