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Play It As It Lays
Maria is sad all the time, her acting career is over and she turns to prescription drugs withdrawing from the world. Maria is giving up on life. California's sunny skies do not lift her constant depression. Largely ignored by her husband who prefers filming pornography than caring about the state of his wife's mental condition, Maria turns to pills. An addiction ensues and she is hospitalized in a mental institution. The 1970s were turbulent times for...
The Year of Magical Thinking
Joan and her husband John are severely taxed caring for their adopted daughter Quintana during a protracted series of illnesses. As the story begins, Joan and John sit with a comatose Quintana, a young woman in her 20's. The older couple has endured a lot over the past year trying to get her healthy. They return exhausted to their home and are about to have dinner when John has a sudden and deadly heart attack. He is dead before they are able to return ...