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Chill Waters
After her failed marriage, Rachael Warren retreats to the old beachhouse in Jenny's Cove, where as a young girl she lived with her grandmother. But instead of the haven she so desperately seeks, Rachael becomes a target for a vicious predator whose own dark and twisted past forms a deadly bond between them, and sets her on a collision course with a crazed killer. ...
Nowhere To Hide
Ellen and Gail Morgan are close sisters who suffered but survived a rough childhood, both parents having been major league drinkers until they died in a car accident. The younger sibling ended up in the terrible Evansdale Home for Girls for six months. It took the then seventeen-year-old Ellen with the help of a teacher to get Gail out of that hellhole. Now over a decade later Ellen eagerly awaits Gail's visit for the holidays before the younger sibling...