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A Deadly Promise
As Sarah Lindly's father is dying in her arms, he managed to whisper a mysterious message. He asks her to clear his name of the murder he has wrongly been accused of. She vows to do so and now she can't leave the small mining town of Leadville until she clears his name. She refuses to involve Clint and Jeremy, 2 love buddies, while she tries to reveal the truth and find the missing evidence in a race against time....
The Other Side of the Dark
Stacy wakes up after a four year long coma from a gunshot wound delivered by a man who killed her mother. Now that she's up and around, Stacy knows that she is the only one who can identify the murderer. Although she is still trying to adjust to a new world, friends who have grown up, a married sister, and life without a mother, Stacy must find her mother's killer, before he decides to silence her permanently....
The Specter
Dina is a seventeen-year-old girl suffering from Hodgkin's disease, a form of cancer. During one of her long stays at the hospital, she meets Julie, a nine-year-old child whose parents were killed in a car accident. Julie suffers from an obsessive phobia that causes her to believe that a man named Sikes is out to get her and develops a strong attachment to Dina. Concerned for her friend's safety, Dina launches an investigation to track down Sikes, and...
Who Are You?
When a wealthy man is shot and seriously wounded, the police search his house and discover that he has been keeping a file on teenager Kristi Evans' life ever since she was born. he had pictures of her, school records of her, adn even pictures that she had drawn since she was an artist. Kristi and her parents do not know Douglas Merson, so it was a little bit of weird news to find out that he had a file in him hone of Kristi. Mr. Merson was unable ...

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