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At Home in Covington
Atria, Jul 2004, 25.00, 320 pp. ISBN: 0743470397 Roger Singleton sadly calls his mother Grace to inform her that his long time companion Charles is dying. Grace always liked the kind Charles and immediately flies up from North Carolina to Pennsylvania to help her son cope and to say her good byes to his love buddy. He tells Mother Singleton to watch over her son, as he is worried about how Roger will be once he is gone. When Charles dies, Gra...
From The Heart Of Covington
Dunne, May 2002, 23.95, 352 pp. ISBN: 0312285558 The three sixty-something friends (Grace Singleton, Hannah Parrish and Amelia Declose) share a farmhouse in Covington, North Carolina. The trio also once shared the belief that life is over except for waiting to die for the geriatric set. However, the farm provides a cleansing and renewal of spirit for the threesome. Amelia turns to photography and shows plenty of talent. Hannah creates a thriv...
Spirit of Covington
Klausner Atria, Oct 2003, 25.00 ISBN: 0743470362 The fire destroys the converted farmhouse that the three sixty something ladies Grace, Amelia, and Hannah, and one adult daughter Laura call home. The elderly trio lost personal items that cannot be replaced, but the threesome are troopers and makes plans for a new house with more bathrooms. Meanwhile Amelia and Grace move in with Bob in his condominium, while Hannah and her daughter Laura mo...