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Follow That Blonde
Lana Morton was on the trip of her dreams - a whirlwind tour of Greece, Italy, England, and more! Too bad her drop dead gorgeous cousin, Nancy Bankes, decided to come along. Well, actually Nancy wasn't too bad for all that she was incredibly beautiful. Lana had a wonderful time until they hit Rome. Rome wasn't quite what Lana expected and she hoped that that coin she threw in the Trevi fountain wouldn't really bring her back there. Things got worse when ...
Infamous Proposal
Widowed at 20 and living in the country, beautiful heiress Lady Emma Capehart is longing for the independence and adventure she never had. Her father wishes to send her crotchety and controlling Aunt Hildegarde to be her new chaperone, and Emma can see no way out of the impending arrival than to become engaged. Thus, she promptly proposes to her good friend and neighbour Lord Nicholas Hansard, who, astonished, refuses the outrageous offer women, even o...