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A Horse Called Wonder
A young, 12-year-old girl named Ashleigh Griffen is forced to move to a place called Townsend Acres because a virus swept through their old breeding farm, Edgardale. After a tour of the farm, Ashleigh falls in love with an old brood mare named Townsend Holly who is about to give birth to a foal. Ashleigh takes over as Holly's groom and when she droppes a weak foal, only Ashleigh thinks they can save the filly. The filly gets better, and everyone names he...
Good-bye, Midnight Wanderer
As a young girl, Ashleigh lived on her parent's Thoroughbred racing farm. Though in love with all the young horses, Ashleigh finds one that she immediately bonds with-a gorgeous black colt. The only problem is, her parents are set on selling him, just like they did to all their young horses. But that isn't her only problem. As her parents are making a deal with some people to sell Midnight, Ashleigh watches as the colt and another begin to fight, rearin...
Wonder's First Race
Against all odds, Ashleigh Griffen's favorite racehorse, Wonder, has come through training with flying colors. Now Ashleigh and Wonder's trainer, Charlie, are putting everything they have into getting Wonder ready for the biggest race of her career: The Kentucky Derby. Then disaster strikes. Brad Townsend, the son of Wonder's owner, insists on working Wonder one icy winter day,. As Ashleigh and Charlie watch in horror, Brad gallops Wonder too fast...
Wonder's Promise
Ashleigh Griffen is thrilled when the owner of the horse farm where she lives puts her favorite horse, Wonder, into training as a Thoroughbred racer. Ashleigh has spent the past year turning the sickly foal into a beautiful, healthy yearling. Ashleigh knows Wonder could be great, but Wonder dislikes her harsh new trainer. Soon she's bucking and disobeying all of his commands. Ashleigh is heartbroken when the trainer says Wonder is untrainable... ...

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Wonder's Victory
In her second year of racing, Wonder, the Thoroughbred filly Ashleigh Griffen has helped raise, is the star of Townsend Acres Stables--until the worst happens. Just as Wonder is about to start racing in the Breeder's Cup race, Jilly, Wonder's regualar jocky, is injured and can't ride. Wonder doesn't like any other jocky, and she won't perform. Only one person can ride Wonder now, and that's Ashleigh. She's never ridden in a race, but she's To...

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