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The Chocolate Bear Burglary
Signet, Nov 2002, 5.99, 240 ISBN 0451207475 After divorcing her husband and leaving her Texas hometown, Lee McKinney moves to Warner Pier, Michigan where she begins to make a new life for herself. She moves into her Aunt Nettie's home because the prices for real estate in Michigan are sky high and serves as the business manager for her aunt's TenHuis Chocolade store. The merchants in the business district are doing a teddy bear winter promoti...
The Chocolate Cat Caper
Lee McKinney has given up her career as a Texas trophy wife and moved back to the small town of Warner Pier, Wisconsin, where she spent the summers cashiering in her aunt's TenHuis Chocolade shop. Lee is helping out her Aunt Nettie by working at the store and balancing the company books while studying for her CPA exam. She knows that the store, while doing well, needs all of the extra summer business it can get to stay profitable so when a large order co...