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Chocolat is an enthralling story about a woman who simply wants to bring joy through her candies to this small dreary town. The priest of the church is determined to convince the town that she is an evil person out to cause harm. She not only shows the town that she is not evil, she brings happiness to the people of this town, she saves her friend from an abusive husband and still has time to fall in love with a gypsy. She teaches all of us that we sh...
Chocolat: A Novel
Mado returns to the island of her birth and finds not much has changed. The islanders are still subborn, superstitious and argue amoungest themselves, the fishing has its days and the past has a firm hold on the present. Mado's father is still a silent grieving figure 30 years after the death of his beloved brother on which he blames himself. But one thing which has changed is the tides.Thanks to a harbour wall built on the opposite side of the island...
Five Quarters of the Orange
Frambiose Dartigan is a crabby old lady, recalling the days of her past. Her childhood coincided with the German Occupation. She and her brother and sister traded on the black market with the Germans, developing a friendship with a soldier named Tomas. This intrigue provide a distraction from their grim home life.Their father was killed in WWII, and they had a mom who was always secretive and troubled. Their mom couln't tolerate an orange. Whenever sh...

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