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Love Wild And Free
A man is forced to become a young woman's legal guardian, and ends up falling for her against his will just as she also ends up falling for him, but there is another woman who loves him and nobody is willing to admit their feelings until the threat of losing each other looms large. In Canada, a young girl grows to the age of seventeen in a beautiful cabin on the prairie with her elderly grandmother, a woman without warmth or much affection, and who Lyn n...
Winds of Desire
When Tracey gets a writer-in-residence position, it's a dream come true for her novelist aspirations - but she didn't bargain for the scholarship's sponsor Michael to seduce her. The fictional Edinburgh University in Scotland has a new funding program for writers-in-residence and struggling 25-year old writer and Italian restaurant waitress Tracey wants in. She has spent the past few years since college struggling to pay rent/bills and keep a roof over h...