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A Split Second to Midnight
Alexander Petrov is an inventor turned CEO in the mid twenty 21st century. His amazing inventions eventually lead him to the discovery of an alien race known as Andromedans who are living on earth as scientists and geneticists. These alien visitors are growing increasingly concerned about the ecological future of their planet, and their studies show a grim future. Through politics and petty business trickery, his cousin, Stefano, c...
Over the River and Through the Woods
Nick Cristano, an Italian-American, works in New York near both sets of grandparents who live in Hoboken, New Jersey. He has been offered an excellent job on the West Coast and tells them he is going to have to move away. In order to try to keep him close to home, the grand parents invite a girl to meet him at dinner, hoping to play cupid. They are partially successful; Nicke likes the girl. Unfortunately she doesn't care for the way he treats his ga...