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A Fine Dark Line (Thriller/Action)
This "Texas Gothic" literary thriller revolves around a thirteen year old boy's discovery of a cache of letters in the ground in 1958. This leads him to search for the killer of two girls in the past. Along the way he becomes involved with an older Native American who helps him solve the murders and also explore racial relations in small town Texas in the '50's....
A Fine Dark Line (Literature)
Mysterious Press, Jan 2003, 24.95, 304 pp. ISBN 0892967293 In the summer of 1958, the Mitchel family moves to Dewmont, East Texas to run the drive-in movie theatre, which they just bought. They hire half black-half Indian Buster Lighthouse Smith to operate the projector and a black woman Rosy to help Mrs. Mitchell with the cooking and the cleaning. Thirteen year old Stanley Jr. becomes closer to Buster and Rosy than he does to his parents becau...
Captains Outrageous
Mysterious, Sep 2001, 24.95, 319 pp. ISBN: 0892967825 In East Texas, Hap Collins wonders how far the mighty has fallen as his life has taken a dangerous life-threatening turn from the worst disease known to humanity: boredom. Not only has his relationship including the sex with Brett turning deader than a eunuch's penis, he works the second shift as a security guard at a chicken processing plant. The only good part of that job is he shares ...
Sunset and Sawdust
Knopf, Mar 2004, 22.00, 321 pp. ISBN: 0375414533 In Depression Era East Texas, Constable Pete Jones assaults his wife Sunset before he rapes her. Badly abused and bruised, and in fear that he will one day kill her and beat the rap, Sunset takes Pete's gun and kills him. While she murders her spouse, a cyclone destroys most of their home. She is not charged with homicide not because she was protecting herself, but because no one liked the abuse...

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