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Guardians of the Flame: Legacy
Baen, Jun 2004, 25.00 ISBN: 0743488296 “The Heir Apparent”. The wizard brought role playing college students Karl, Andrea and five other Earthlings through the Gate Between Worlds. Over time Karl became the Emperor and he and his beloved Andrea had a child Jason while the magnificent seven fought against slavery. The dwarves, elves, humans, and the dragon Ellegon mentor Jason until Ahrmin the Master Slaver apparently kills Karl. Living in the...
Not Really the Prisoner of Zenda
Tor, Jun 2003, 24.95, 383 pp. ISBN: 076530046X Emperor Thomen has plenty to worry about already, but now has looming another major crisis to contend with involving the death of the very important Baron Forinel (see NOT QUITE SCARAMOUCHE). The heir to the Barony, Miron is a nasty individual who does not allow morals or scruples to stand in the way of his achieving his aspirations; fidelity to Miron is to one person: himself. However, on the p...
The Sleeping Dragon
Several friends are transported to a magical world by a professor and have to struggle to get back. Karl and his friends join one of their professors for a role playing game which suddenly transports them into the world of the game. One of their friends leads the group down into a city where he tries to cheat at a game and gets killed. The others escape. The realize the risk is real and they hear a legend that an artifact guardec by a dragon can take the...