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John B. Olson, Randall Ingermanson Bethany House, 2001, 368 pp. ISBN: 0764224425 In 2013, NASA prepares the first manned mission to Mars: five months out; 18 months on the hostile angry red planet, and five months back. However, the four person crew is shook when the commander Josh Bennett abruptly resigns from the mission apparently due to something the key member Dr. Bob Kaganovski said in a psychological profile. Bob knows he lied about alway...
The Fifth Man
John B. Olson, Randall Ingermanson Bethany House, 2002, 361 pp. ISBN: 0764227327 The crew has reached Mars after a harrowing near death space trip from earth (see OXYGEN). Now a new survival test begins with the crew trying to live on a planet that makes Antarctica seem like a sauna and no rescue flight possible. Nothing should be able to survive in this frozen inhabitant. The four member crew struggles with the harshness of life while trying...